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Nickname: UtuH
Email: [email protected]
Information: Utuh very interested with words called “hacker”. He founding Binus Hacker and Build Binus Hacker for an Independent Hacking Community. He is a researcher, author and public speaker paid for knowledge and abilities in many hacking section. He personally broken into hundreds of computer networks, all of which have had their security improved because of it. He also dabble in physical security, infrastucture network and have very nice collection about hacking. He have many experimental hacking about systems, security, network, cracking, coding and programming. He just simple man with many motivation and innovation. He say “Enjoy and Eat It!”.
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Nickname: ^Andra^Valid
Email: [email protected]
Information: Andra is the one of Binus Hacker Staff, He is extremely have many skill about internet hacking. He enjoy with his abilities, he have good point about it, He is the best friend of us. He working out together with other Binus Hacker Staff to make an adventure with internet world.

Nickname: Saputra
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is the one secret of Binus Hacker Staff, He is invisible but He working with Binus Hacker since Binus Hacker started. He is the most friendly personality, loyal, and good working. He have many experience about hacking, cracking, and other hole he can get. He says: “Dont afraid with me, coz i am a good boy”.

Nickname: Brokencode
Email: [email protected]
Information: Brokencode began his Internet career as a freelance web designer in 2004. Every site he has designed ranks well for it’s most targeted keyword phrases and more. This is due to his strong understanding and the importance of search engine friendly design, proper wording, and the importance of quality, unique content. He has worked for a number of travel related industry in Bali as Web Marketing and Web Consultant, taking a leading role in projects. He is one of the greatest Binus Hacker Staff since Binus Hacker started.

Nickname: SwingPoint
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is the Binus Hacker Staff focused with networking and database. He make project to synchronize the data between regional and center office which the two. He is the one beside Utuh in front of of launching Binus Hacker Manifesto since Binus Hacker Started. He say: “One Purpose & Brotherhood for All, Feel your Freedom”.


Nickname: Anonymity
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is the unique Binus Hacker Staff, have good skill about hacking, the ultimate core of rooting and configuration. He involves development of: demonstration, testing, simulation, and educational hacking tutorial, scripting, programming and robotic. He say: “Hacking is much more an experience for me & Hacking was really about making the other person believe you were someone you were not”.

Nickname: Indrax
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is a cool and calm Binus Hacker Staff, high skill about networking, the ultimate core of unix, windows & server configuration. He involves in many data maintenance, data integration, network management and security projects. He say: “Maybe there are no right moments, right guys, right answers, maybe sometimes you just to say what’s in your heart”.

Nickname: DunovSR
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is graduated from Electrical Engineering, have an ability in audio video, sound system and networking. He attracted into computer world because computers is facilities for education and entertainment. He “not so deep” in hacking field, but more interested in networking, security and solve the problem caused by cracking activities. He like to overcome and maximize utilization, functionality and trick for hardware and application. He say: “Never Old To Learn, No Limit Time And Age To Search The Knowledge”.

Nickname: MRHPx
Email: [email protected]
Information: He is a fun and cool man, one of the best reverser in BinusHacker Staff and Astalavista Underground Portal. Also known as MRHPx aka NeMeSiS_ByTe aka RiZaL. Skill concentration in Binary, Debugging, Exploit, Malware, Scripting and Coding. Also able to Tracking and Composing Music Modules in XM, S3M, MOD, IT, MID for Games Developer, Web Developer and Demo-Scene International. He cames from Animal Science background education, NEVER learned any knowledges from Bina Nusantara University or any other computer academies. Understanding computer knowledges through self-educated and Hacker-Cracker Underground Scenes. He works in many field about Animal Science and Computer Industry in the real world. Join to helping BinusHacker community more innovatives and attractives. He said : “I am a Hacker, I am a Cracker, also a Farmer.. My Hacker culture is GRAY HAT”

Anyone who creates, write or contribute article to BinusHacker from any topic and source.

  • Nickname: zian
  • Nickname: fajar
  • Nickname: xin3td
  • Nickname: masterfelix
  • Nickname: ronnipurba
  • Nickname: vyc0d
  • Nickname: arielthekillers
  • Nickname: ijoo
  • Nickname: nofia fitri
  • Nickname: anggamovic

Anyone who have control and access to manage BinusHacker Forum, contribute to grow up website, links & network of Binus Hacker Independent Hacking Community.

  • Nickname: AcizNinja
  • Nickname: Cry_Stealth
  • Nickname: Tomms
  • Nickname: Andystonecold
  • Nickname: DND
  • Nickname: aNtI_hAcK
  • Nickname: Onedroid
  • Nickname: YogiBinusHacker
  • Nickname: avinchandra
  • Nickname: s0ny
  • Nickname: Xcore
  • Nickname: KatsukiDaito
  • Nickname: [email protected]
  • Nickname: GreatKudo
  • Nickname: Sandm3n
  • Nickname: Papa.Bank
  • Nickname: ™manssizz™
  • Nickname: Irfani
  • Nickname: adeshinichi
  • Nickname: Akhan
  • Nickname: God Hand
  • Nickname: AryEvi
  • Nickname: Blue_KerneL
  • Nickname: Rey_Cute
  • Nickname: lhee-ya
  • Nickname: only_one_icha
  • Nickname: c0d3HitLER


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Ihsan-Al-Rozi a.k.a Rozi
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For All Binus Hacker Team, Nevertheless Your Name Not Included Here. We Say Thanks A Lot!!